Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Recording, Mayhem and "arrest those men"

"it was them, Officer"
A lot's been going on since I we last spoke. So listen up. The Martyrs and I have been gigging plenty and we had a great time in the borough of Witney, playing Witney Music Festival and Witney's Rapture records day. We also hot-tailed it to London - and Tommy's passion-wagon broke down on the way back (15 miles from Oxford). Maybe shrunken heads hanging from the rear-view mirror aren't so lucky after all..
We had a photo shoot with a mighty-fine photographer called Bruce Markos. It was all good clean fun until the boys turned on me having raided the props cupboard. When I was pressing charges at the local constabulary the policeman said it wasn't often a victim could produce such accurate evidence of an assault. I thanked him kindly, and that was last we heard of the matter.

Passion-wagon R.I.P

This weekend we've been holed up in the recording studio. Every time Humphrey picked up the guitar the song gradually morphed into 'Here comes the bride' (more than a little annoying) so we ended up letting him out to watch the royal wedding. He assured us that they were "happy tears" when we re-clothed him at the end of the ceremony. Tommy said he wouldn't mind doing this sort of thing for a living (recording music rather than dressing sobbing monarchists), but he was eating a big pink slice of French fancy cake at the time - so we could hardly take him seriously. It looks like we are going to have 4 kick-ass tracks by the end of the week. A massive bunch of thanks must go out to our loving Engineer and tea-matron, Mr Martin Newton of Studio 101 and our mixologist and drum-mic god, Jimmy Heatherington.

We're now looking forward to supporting the Secret Sisters next week on  11 May at the O2 Academy. This venue will be a first for us so we're excited. If you're around on Friday May 13th (lucky for some) come and enjoy some sunshine and fine tunes from us at our next event: Mayhem

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